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Wet Felted Cowl/Head Warmer
Basket Earrings
Peapod Bracelet
Quilt Luminarium by Ricky Tims
Beginner Rug Hooking
Drum Life with Scott Merchant


During our first year, we’re partnering with Fraser Rec for some class registrations.

Please Note: We will follow all potential COVID restrictions regarding vaccines, masks and social distancing according to Grand County guidance and local positivity rates.

Wet Felted Cowl/Head Warmer

Dates: June 24, 2023 (9am-4pm) *OR* June 25, 2023 (9am-4pm)
Cost: $220 ($130 class + $90 for materials)
Ages: 18+
Instructor: Robin Barrett
Location: RMFS Building @ 315 Pitkin Ave, Grand Lake, CO

Wet felting is the process of using wool, water and soap with agitation (rubbing and rolling) to migrate the wool fibers to create a piece of handmade fabric.

This class is beginner friendly and fun for the more experienced. We will be incorporating the wool and different silks to create a cowl that can double as an ear/headwarmer in your choice of color.

Upon registration, please send a check made out to Rocky Mountain Folk School in the amount of $220 to:

Rocky Mountain Folk School
PO Box 545
Grand Lake, CO 80447

Register for Saturday, June 24

Register for Sunday, June 25

CLASS REFUND POLICY: Students who cancel their registration more than 14 days prior to the first day of the class will receive a refund less a $25 administrative fee per student. Students cancelling their enrollment 14 days or less prior to the first day of the course are not eligible for a refund. If the Rocky Mountain Folk School cancels a course, students will receive a full refund.

Basket Earrings

Date: Sep 23, 2023 (9am-4pm)
Cost: $140 ($125 class + $15 for materials)
Ages: 18+
Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate
Instructor: Wendy Ellsworth
Location: RMFS Building @ 315 Pitkin Ave, Grand Lake, CO

Using a combination of peyote and herringbone bead weaving stitches, students will make a pair of basket-shaped earrings in contrasting colors of Miyuki Delica glass beads and Japanese pinch beads.

We will use geometric beading techniques to make a warped square that can be folded in one of two ways. These work up quickly, are fun to make and the warped square techniques can be used to make many other beaded jewelry designs.

NOTE: students need to bring a bead mat, scissors, desk lamp & reading glasses (if needed)

To register and for more info, click the button below.

Peapod Bracelet

Date: Sep 24, 2023 (9am-4pm)
Cost: $150 ($125 class + $25 for materials)
Ages: 18+
Skill Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Wendy Ellsworth
Location: RMFS Building @ 315 Pitkin Ave, Grand Lake, CO

We will use a combination of ladder, tubular herringbone and square stitch bead weaving techniques to make a “peapod” bracelet in two color options. Increasing and decreasing with contrasting beads form the “peapod” shapes. For the clasp, students will learn how to make a beaded peapod-shaped toggle and a square stitch loop.

We will discuss in class how to use these techniques to make necklaces and lariats using a fun variety of sizes, shapes and colors of beads.

NOTE: students need to bring a bead mat, scissors, desk lamp & reading glasses (if needed)

To register and for more info, click the button below.

Quilt Luminarium by Ricky Tims

Date: TBD (Fall 2023)
Cost: $250
Location: Grand Lake Center @ 301 Marina Drive, Grand Lake, CO

Ricky Tims presents “Quilt Luminarium,” in beautiful Grand Lake, Colorado. Tims is an internationally renowned quilter, musician, author and teacher.

His extraordinary two-day, in-person seminar, will be held at the Grand Lake Center and is for quilters of every level. This workshop promises to be as inspiring and innovative as it is instructional.

Tickets are for all eight teaching sessions and a special piano concert too.

This event is made possible through a partnership with Rocky Mountain Folk School and Grand Lake Creative District.

Stay tuned for more information and registration details.

Beginner Rug Hooking

Dates: TBD (Fall 2023?)
$225 ($150 class + $75 for materials)
Ages: 18+
Instructor: Lois Deitreich
RMFS Building @ 315 Pitkin Ave, Grand Lake, CO

Join us in this introduction to rug hooking class and develop a new passion! Rug hooking is a stress-free, creative hobby. We will use beautiful wools in a variety of colors to create a unique composition!

Lois will introduce you to primitive rug hooking covering the equipment, supplies and techniques. Then, students will jump right into the fun of actually hooking a small mat that can be both decorative and functional. At the end of this class, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to hook and finish an entire rug!

Stay tuned for more information and registration details.

Drum Life with Scott Merchant

Date: TBD
$100 (includes all supplies)
Community House in Town Square

Rocky Mountain folk school is excited to invite you to our latest program “Drum Life”. Learn about music and drumming from around the world, all while drumming your heart out on a no-impact yoga ball.

This class is for all ages, skill sets and backgrounds. No previous experience necessary! Join us on the adventure for a fun, unforgettable active drumming class.

Stay tuned for more information and registration details.

Previous Classes

Primitive Rug Hooking with Keith Kemmer

“Everything new is Old again”
Date: May 18-21, 2023
Cost: $325
-$100 deposit due with registration (refundable until March 1, 2023)
-$225 remainder due by March 1, 2023 (non-refundable)

Instructor: Keith Kemmer
Location: Grand Lake Center @ 301 Marina Drive, Grand Lake, CO

What does it take to create a primitive rug? Is it the technique, the pattern, the wools, the size of cut, or the colors?

Well, the answer is – YES to all of these options – or any combination. For the past 25 plus years, it’s been my focus to recreate the look of the old rugs. I will share what I’ve learned from the old rugs, discussing how to recreate a folky or formal primitive rug.

Plan to learn and try new techniques in this workshop and see how they can impact the overall primitive look. Everything from “raggedy” Hit’n Miss to “higgley-piggley” to halo/echo and puddled styles. We’ll discuss how a primitive pattern can help you know how to hook it. Is it folky or more formal? We’ll all have fun learning something
new to make your rugs look old.

Adult Pottery

Dates: Mar 29 – Apr 26 (6-8pm), Mar 30 – Apr 27 (2-4pm)
$175 (includes all supplies)
RMFS Building @ 315 Pitkin Ave, Grand Lake, CO

Enjoy the satisfaction of working with clay – whether you’re a beginner, experienced or need a refresher from years ago. In this class you can hand-build using the extruder, slab roller and make pinch pots. You can also learn to use the wheel. It’s an open-ended class where you can make whatever you like – sculpture, functional pottery, jewelry, wall pieces and wherever else your imagination takes you. Clay and tools provided.

Bespoke Holiday Wire Wrapped Crystal Jewelry

Nov 4, 2022 (3 week program; Fridays 6-8pm)
Cost: $175
(includes all supplies)
RMFS Building @ 315 Pitkin Ave, Grand Lake

The art of wire wrapping crystals and stones has been dated all the way back to 3100 BC in Egypt. Join Colorado Native and Metalsmith Alex Merchant for a 3 class workshop on the basics of wire wrapping.

This class will result in a singular bespoke piece for each participant, just in time for the Holidays!

Community Guitar with Jim McComb

Oct 15, 2022 (1-4pm)
Cost: $50
(participants are required to bring their own guitar)
Pitkin Annex at Town Square Park

Join Colorado Guitar Artist Jim McComb of Martin & Taylor, to learn the basics of playing the guitar, including chords and strumming.

This class is for all levels.

Primitive Rug Hooking with Theresa Rapstine

Sept 30 — Oct 4, 2022
Cost: $300
Grand Lake Center

Please join us for this new and exciting class on the ancient art of rug hooking! Our teacher, Theresa Rapstine, is a reputable, creative, fun teacher with a wealth of knowledge, who will help you to make your rugs look ancient using many textures and colors of wool.

Create the look of vintage, worn and well used rugs using specific wools, primitive cuts (9, 10 and hand-torn) and Theresa’s non-traditional hooking style. Students choose from one of her antique inspired, hand drawn patterns on unbleached, primitive linen.

During this class, students will learn:

  • Recycled and vintage wools and how to select them to make a rug look antique
  • Simple use of large cuts, 9 and larger and how to tear strips for hooking
  • Theresa’s 10 tips for making a rug look vintage and old

Bring your own wool to class or purchase from her stash. Remember, to create this vintage style, wool selection is important. Please be open to wools you have never seen or used before. You will need a large variety of wools for each motif and background. Theresa will bring recycled, as-is, and a little bit of everything.

Woodturning Class

July 14 & 15, 2022
Class fee: $250 (includes all supplies!)

Rocky Mountain Folk School is happy to share an exciting opportunity with
Our 2022 Wood-turning class!

Our Master Teacher and Wood-worker, Dennis Fanning, has been turning
wood for over 30 years! Woodturning is an incredible ancient art that dates back
to 1300 BC in Egypt!

Come join Dennis in woodturning for an all inclusive program that is for
every skillset. No previous experience Necessary.

Plein Air Oil Painting Boot Camp

April 29 — May 1, 2022
Workshop fee $375

Do you want to learn to paint plein air but are intimidated or don’t know where to start?

This class is for beginner to intermediate painters and will be held in and around Grand Lake, Colorado. Scott will give you the low down on materials to use and why. He’ll help you build a palette of colors to meet your needs without breaking the bank. Knowing what tools are available and how to use them will give you a significant head start.

Scott will teach the fundamentals of painting outdoors, on location and get you out in the field to do plein air painting. He has great exercises to deal with changing light, composition and creating a work of art. You will leave the class with confidence to create your own interpretations of painting en plein air. Some portions of the workshop may be held indoors due to inclement weather.