Grand Lake Gourd Patch
(Gourd Club)

Dates: Every Wednesday in 2024 (4pm-7pm)
Cost: $25 per year (this is the membership payment which includes paints, wood carving and burning tools. Gourds are available for purchase through Linda Troute, or you can bring your own).
Level: Intermediate
Location: 315 Pitkin Dr, Grand Lake, CO 80447

*Note: initial gourd class is required to join the Gourd Patch (Club).

Are you interested in gourding and looking for a fun, supportive environment to learn and connect with others? Then the Rocky Mountain Folk School’s Gourd Patch (Club) is the perfect place for you! Whether you’re a novice who’s taken just one class or an experienced gourd artist, our Patch offers the equipment, materials, and a friendly community to help you enjoy and improve your gourding skills. You’ll also benefit from discount rates on gourd classes and exclusive access to advanced workshops. Join us and make lasting friendships while you learn and create!

Note: The membership fee primarily contributes to stocking up on essential materials such as gourds, bedazzles, paints, wood burning and carving tools, ensuring you have everything you need for your gourding endeavors.

The GourdCraft 101 class runs concurrently with the club meetings and serves as a fundamental introduction to gourd art. Led by the experienced gourd instructor Linda, GourdCraft 101 provides one-on-one guidance, teaching you the basics of tool usage and gourd design. The class fee includes one gourd, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to fully enjoy your time in the Gourd Patch (Club). Secure your spot in this exciting community by registering for the GourdCraft 101 class and dive into the world of gourding with the Rocky Mountain Folk School!

GourdCraft 101: Your Gateway to the Gourd Patch (Club)

*Note: This class is only available for someone who wants to join the Gourd Patch (Club).

Date: Pick one Wednesday in 2024 (4pm-7pm)
Cost: $100 (includes materials and 1 gourd)
Level: Beginner
Instructor: Karen Smith & Linda Troute
Location: 315 Pitkin Dr, Grand Lake, CO 80447

Missed a gourd class in 2023 but eager to join the Gourd Patch (Club)? No problem! Enroll in GourdCraft 101, our one-time personalized 1-on-1 session with options available during Gourd Patch (Club) hours every week. Following this unique class, you’ll gain the skills needed to seamlessly integrate into the vibrant Gourd Patch (Club) community, allowing you to participate whenever you’d like on Wednesdays (with Gourd Patch membership). Plus, with your registration, enjoy a bonus of one free gourd to kickstart your crafting journey. To jump into the world of gourding and secure your spot, simply register online below.

Questions? Contact us at or call 970-531-1395. Let the gourd adventures begin!